Airbrush Tanning Training

If You would like to take part in the Airbrush Tanning (Spray Tan) training at SN, You don't need any special skills. After the training is completed you will have knowledge and practice of the highest quality and would be able to solve any problems in the area of Airbrush Tanning.

The Airbrush Tanning Training is best suitable for new opening of a studio or as an extension of an already existing service. The training is most appropriate for the following professions:

  • Cosmeticians
  • Make Up Artists
  • Hairdressers
  • Owners of solarium studios
  • Private owners
  • People who would like to open a new Tanning Studio
  • etc.


Content of the Airbrush Tanning Training:

We would like to show You a short overview of the training we offer.


  • Theory of the Airbrush Technique
  • Explanation on how the equipment works (Compressor, Airbrush Spray Gun, etc.)
  • Different spray technique
  • Spray exercises
  • Customer Servicе
  • Merchandising and Promotion
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the different tanning systems
  • Process Cycle of the Airbrush Tanning (Spray Tanning)
  • Airbrush Tanning (Spray Tanning) exercise on a model
  • Last but not least - training material


Duration of the Airbrush Tanning Training

The Airbrush Tanning Training can be finished for a day or around 6-8 hours.

Price of the Airbrush Tanning Training

trainning fee is 350,- EUR (Net) and 416,50 € with 19% Tax. Included in the price are the materials and food & drinks during the training. Spending the night is also possible in a close located hotel to the SN Shop.

You would like to be trained in your own studio? No problem, just conact us and we will make You an offer You just can not refuse.

Course participants in the Training

For successfully accomplishing the training, the course usually consists of a trainee and a participant. More participants might be admitted to the course after a discussion.


A prepayment sum of 50,- EUR must be paid one week before the training begins. When the training takes place in Your studio the prepayment sum is 200,- EUR, also one week before the beginning of the training.


For the practical part of the training You would need a model. You can bring a model or we can provide one when the appointment of the training is being done. For this service there are no additional costs.

Airbrush Tanning Certificate

Once the Airbrush Tanning Training is completed, You will receive a certificate allowing you to open a Tanning Studio after you have registered a trade.

Appointment for training

The training can take place also in Saturday and Sunday after an additional payment of 100,-EUR (Net)

Our trainee's previous experience

Mr. Mlinaric has tanned over 1900 People since April 2010 between which were:

  • A radio announcer tanned for Radio Awards
  • Models for photo shootings and for the catwalk
  • A big dance group
  • Bodybuilders for the International Сouthern German Fitness & Bodybuilding Championship (NAC-Germany)


Every participant has the opportunity to contact us after the training has been completed and ask for advice or help from Mr. Mlinaric.

You are interested in making an Airbrush Tanning Training or you need more information? Then contact us on +49 (0) 7720 - 80 1 80 or through the contact form.

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